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" a thousand years ago, in a very dark night. there is one who can bring the evil spirits under his true power.

he who is not the dark master but he is actually a prince of shadows. A Sylvainia."

"ha ha ha ha!" yes you may think that this is only a myth but! there is more my dear children.
For I may not only be a hermit but also a witness..... a witness of the old dark past. hee hee hee!"

"now remember this, " one who live in shadow must have a weakness, a weakness in the heart of course."

(before you read this, there is an old hermit who witness a sudden flick not long ago and he is also an avatar from "Spyro dawn of dragon" but different with a gray coat and has the same materials as the origional. soooo I`ll continue the story.)

"this is the time I tell you a legend, a powerful legend."
Whhhooooooossshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (mists come in the scene)

(mist lifts up slowly)(then shows a group of dragon having a conversation)

Spyro "so, all we need to find is some crystal ball to prevent something terrible happening?" Terrador "yes Spyro this is very urgent, who knows what he might do to doom us all." 

Cynder "alright, let`s go." Lyra " I just hope he doesn`t bore us, like telling our future."

Spyro " or do a magic trick." (laughs)

Sparx " ok ok let`s get a move on"

Terrador " may the ancestors be with you fellow guardians and keep an eye out!"

Spyro "we will!" 

(after a long journey, the three dragons seem to come upon a dark depressing land where other black dragons live)
( just to let you know what Lyra is she is a female with a dark red scales, golden bracers (Jewelry) with a red crystal like dimond on each of them, an orange wing membrain and has a triumphing attitude, and has a knife like yellow tail , horns and belly plaits have the same color, eyes have a light maroon color.)

" how far are we?" yelled Sparx. Cynder " we have to find a flag with a moon shaped crest in a circle with a cross in the middle."

Sparx " OH! well that`s great! I`ll find the sighn that says " Creepy moon castle!". "

Spyro " AW here we go again. Sprax didn`t you mentioned last time we went on a journey and tried to look for the chronicler! and then you said " I`ll look for a sigh that says " Creepy moon temple" and now this. What next creepy Moon dragon!"

Sparx "well since you put it that way..... YES I WILL!!!!!, and while you keep yapping your fat mouth, isn`t it obvious we keep finding things that includes moon products like cheese, wishes, or BIG SCARY MONSTERS THAT TRIED TO KILL US! BUT WAIT THERE`S MORE WE`re ALL GOING TO FIND A STUPID CRYSTAL BALL In ORDER TO SAVE OUR .... I mean MY BUTT TO AVOID SOME EVIL DRAGON LIKE CYNDER HERE TO PREVENT SOME CURES. OH THE NIGHTMARE NEVER ENDS DOES IT!?"

Cynder "WOW, even I`m offended by this fit."  Spyro " eh, he`s just a drama queen." Sparx " OH! WELL THANKS FOR NOTHING FAT 
ss!" Spyro " You`re welcome" ( he said with a joking smile) Lyra " Are we there yet?" Spyro "Alomst, at least I can see a black shiny tower just up ahead." Lyra "finally, we can stop hearing that lantern`s mouth running." Sparx " You know what? I`m starting to think that Lyra wants a boyfriend." Lyra you better watch it Sparx because when you`re sleeping at night ,I promise you that Evil Dark Dragon Will Haunt your dreams for the rest of your life." Cynder " Point taken." Spyro hey there`s an entrance!"

(as the three young dragons enter a gate, a tourist walks by and welcomes them to " Night Shade Towers" where magic and mystery lurks these very nights. Once they entered town square they see a statue of a dragon that is shaped like Malefor, but younger looking, with a different tale piece that has an arrow tip tip in the middle of the two blades that are far apart. it`s face clear with no horns sticking out on it`s cheeks, no spikes on it`s mouth, but the same symbol on the flag mentioned earlier. And to top that all off he has a cape that looks fierce)

Cynder "soooo this is the place. wow i didn`t know that guy would be rich!" Spyro "yeah, I mean his symbol is every where!" 
 Lyra " no kidding. But I can`t help the feeling that he could be expecting us?" Sparx "NAH, He`s just trying to bribe us for "SOME FAVOR"." 

Cynder " Let`s get a move on, we have to find the crystal ball before he does." 

Host of the tour. "welcome, would you like to have a tour of NIGHTSHADE TOWERS?"

Spyro "Sure! (Careful guys he could be brainwashed.) Come on." Cynder "Alright." Host "Follow me."

( while the three dragons take the tour of NIGHTSHADE TOWERS, they finally saw the crystal ball in a glass container, but that`s not all they even get to here the legend of Vexcinnian Sylvainia.)  Host "A thousand years ago, there lived a dark prince who ruled the dark night , but not just any night but the Eternal night. Legend says that if the one who bares the mark of this very symbol shall be cursed of immortality and black magic. His eyes are piercing red, his teeth are like fangs, and his wings are unshown but he can only float with the black mist surrounding as if the spirits are his weapon to make your dreams into a nightmare! ( laughs evilly) And now I`ll tell you how he manages his crystal ball.
Once he has it in his grasp, the orb will play mind tricks on you, or kill you , hypnityse you ,or maybe CORRUPT YOUR VERY SOUL!" ( as the host says with a dark tone). Sparx " O_OH. Sooo we`re just bait for the guy. THAT`S FAN TASTI-." Cynder " Shut it Sparx! (underbreath, You`ll give us away!) Host " Alright that`s enough, it`s time you all went to your INNs and stay inside." Spyro "Why?" Host " What`s the matter boy! Got cotton in your ears? The night in this very kingdom is dangerous! Not to mention that there has been late night whispering that HE could return."

Lyra "Well that`s pretty amusing. Don`t you think Sparx?" (As she said in a taunting tone) 

Sparx "OH SHUT UP!! It`s not like It`s the first time we ave to prevent some evil curse from happening, right Spyro!"

Spyro "RRRRRiiighhhhtt! Like it`s not the first time "we" have to stop another one of your terrifying monsters." ( he said in a funny tone)  Sparx " Ah Shyat ahp!" (with New York Accent)   (when night fell, cynder went through the front door with her shadow element. then she unlocked the door that led to the main throne room with the crystal ball. Spyro "alright let`s take the crystal ball and get out of here." Lyra "Wait, what if that glass has a security system?" Cynder "Really, I mean Really your going for the alarm trick." (as she said in confusion) Lyra " I don`t know, I just feel weird right now and It just feels like he`s watching us, or waiting for something to happen. Sparx have you ever felt that certain feeling that something bad is going to happen?" Sparx "yeah like that time when CYNDER TRIED TO KILL US."

Spyro " Sparx! Don`t remind my girlfriend about this! I thought we had an agreement!" Cynder " AAAAWWWWW! Spyro that`s sooo sweet of you!" Spyro (blushes) " oh well uuhhhh. Thanks It was just a force of habit. heh."  Lyra "okay you two love birds let`s get a move on." while lyra was walking out of the main room she found a monument with an ancient writing. Lyra "hey what`s this? "to stop thy one from destruction, one must make a sacrifice of their only secret that has never been revealed to thy others." Oh sooo that obviously means that if I had no other choice I have to make a sacrifice to the one thing I had never mentioned." Sparx "well that`s freaky." (he shrugged). Spyro " Hey! I got the crystal ball." Cynder "Let`s go! Oh and Spyro?" Spyro "yeah?" Cynder "do you wanna go out?" Spyro "Sure." ( he blushed) ( as Spyro walked acrossed the middle of the room, the crystal ball was in the moonlight from a window glaring it`s rays toward it then he heard a sudden ring from the orb. the room began to shake and all of the shades of each corner began to move in a big circle, like a tornado was going to happen. then there was laughter coming out of nowhere. Vex has arrived.) Vex "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh you stupid child. Do you know what happens when you reveal my orb on the moon light?" (his voice travling with in the spiraling shadows, in a scary tone)

(when the shadows got closer ans closer to the three dragons they jumped out of the center and watched as they formed the dark dragon to his full form.)

Vex "haven`t you idiots been listening to the poor sweet Lyra. Hah! You wouldn`t even care but your selves anyways!"

Lyra "hey! you watch your mouth you D!ck! Or I`lll-." Vex "OR YOU`LL WHAT!? burn me!? please I am much quiker than you think! besides sweet heart I don`t think you`re cut out for this fight." (as he moves closer toward Lyra) Lyra "you better not mess with me!" (Lyra led out a light beem at Vex. He disappears in the shadows) Lyra "hey! where did you go!?" (the large shadow moves toward Lyra then makes a wind tunnel to block out the other two dragons) (vex appears behind Lyra) (he coils his tail around her waist and grabs her by the neck, using his toung to strok under her chin) Lyra "GET OFF OF ME!!!!!" Vex " I don`t think so!" ( he said in a dark scary tone , as he forcefuly turn her head to his) (they disappear in mid air) Spyro "Where did they go!?" Cynder "I don`t know!?" But we have to get Lyra away from him!" 

Sparx "I feel bad. Not in a guilty way but in a certain way like something is going  TO ATTCK US!!" Spyro "SH!T!" (a large group of mysterious dragons surround them in a big circle and made an even bigger wind tunnel causing Spyro to lose the crystal ball while throwing him back and forth, spiraling out of control along with Cynder and Sparx.)

(mean while, at the top of the right tower in a large room) Lyra "I said, LET GO OF ME!" Vex "now why would I do that?" 

"your pretty in every way I like" (as he said with a creepy smile) Lyra "oooooooooK. This is weird. why did you kidnap me?" Vex "Let`s just say that, I really like you. and it`s kind of emberasing  that your like a thing for me." ( he pulls out a bottle of red wine from a case. Vex "drink?" he held a glass to her face. Lyra "Did you set this up?" (she asked curiously) Vex "wow, aren`t your such a smart girl." Lyra "now it just got even weirder." Vex "OH come on!"  (as Vex tried to get Lyra`s attention, he even tried to get her to understand why he set this up to have her but unlike any other pervert all he had to do was hypnotize her..... but that didn`t happen sadly.) Vex "please?" Lyra "NO." "please?" "NO." Please?" "NO." "please?" NO!" 

(meanwhile in the main room) Sparx "AW, My head." Cynder "What the heck was that?" Spyro "I don`t know but.... AW CRAP! I lost it!" Sparx "Way to go butter fingers." (as he said with a smirk) Cynder "knock it off you two, we still have to find Lyra." Sparx "why did that creepy guy took her anyways?" Spyro "I guess we`ll havt to find out when we get there,  the only problem is where is she?"

                                               (TO BE CONTINUED)

Vex "c`mone honey, I`ve been locked away in the moon for a thousand years, I should at leased get a french kiss."
Lyra "what`s a french kiss?" (even though she feels disgusted , she really doesn`t know exactly what a french kiss is)

Vex "really, you don`t know what a french kiss is?" Lyra "no." Vex "well I`ll show you." (as he said while licking his lips and fangs, but Lyra knew what he`s going for even if she has never been kissed. so she doged.) Vex "hey, come back here." he came at her like a snake attacking his prey but missed. Lyra blew a fire ball at him and Vex once again disapeared in to the shadows and started to surround her again but this time she succuesfully burned him with a light plasma blast. Vex "ARRRG! you burned me!!!!" Lyra "Exactly" (as she said while smiling)  then she burst out the doors and started running , after a few minutes of being burned Vex recovered without using the red crystals by using his black magic. he tried to look for her with his crystal ball and found her in some kind of room filled with pictures of some dragoness related to Lyra but different looking. Lyra "what are these pictures?" Servant "you mean those pictures?" Lyra "waaahhh! Don`t scare me!" Servant "sorry, thses are the pictures of the masters wife from a long time ago but sadly she didn`t love him back all she ever cared was the fortune, right before their wedding day she used some kind of powerful spell that imprisoned him to the moon for a century." Lyra "wow. I feel sorry for him." (she now feels guilty for the dark prince, after she burned him and only wanted some attention from her) Lyra "what`s her name?" Servant "Mary." Lyra "She kinda looks like me but pale and mean looking." Servant "don`t you all females look the same." Lyra "that depends the kind of characteristic we carry of our personality and the only thing we have in common is ..... " Servant "getting the things you want?" Lyra "NO, proving our selves that we don`t even care for the slightest feeling of true love and only get what we want to be one of the greates." Servant "ah, determination of life." Lyra "yeah." Vex "so, you enjoyed that little story?" as he said it from behind. Lyra "Is this why you set this up?" Vex "well, yes but you do kinda look like her, but you don`t exactly act like her." the picture showed a a female dragoness the is pale with showing a little bit of pink, pale yellow horns shaped like Lyra`s but curved down and the last part is strait up and long, the same color goes for the belly plates and claws but the tail.... the tail looks like a pink crystal like knife, her bracers is exactly just like Lyra`s but with out the small spikes on the side. 

(meanwhile while spyro and cynder try to look for lyra Sparx started to complain and wanted to eat something)

Spyro "Sparx now is not the time to argue." Sparx "there`s always never a good time." Cynder "Oh keep it up Sparx, I think it`s working since your making me hungry." Spyro "alright lets just look for a dinning room." Sparx "greate! I`ll track it down while you two this time follow me." Cynder "great now we have to follow the Lantern." Spyro "I wouldn`t underestimate him if I were you.' said Spyro with a smirk. Sparx took a deep breathe and sniffed out the source of food that lies him a trail of smell that leads him to several hallways that he can`t be easily fooled but only follow the smell of fresh dinner that waits on the table, Spyro and cynder moved fast to catch up with the bloodhound of a dragonfly) Sparx "FOOD!" Cynder "wow, I`m impressed, Ididn`t know a dragonfly can actually smell from a mile away."
Spyro "I told you." Cynder "ok, let`s eat." Spyro started out on the stuffed chicken, Sparx ate the bacon, sauseges, and mashed potatoes with gravey, Cynder ate the smoked salmon and goose, then the three went to desert like cake ,cupcakes, and other pastries then they drank spring water and went back in to eating the deserts, and afterward they layed down on the floor to rest. Sparx [belch] "heh, exscuse me." Cynder "gross!" Spyro "Sparx! That was nasty!!" Sparx "hey I said Exscuse ME!!!"  (to be continued) After they ate , they went back to find Lyra ....then a boom of thunder frightend them , Sparx "WAAAAAHHHHHH! What was that?" Spyro "I don`t know. let`s not stick around to find out." then they went down stairs anf what might have seemed to be a cell...a very large cell that contains a beast...... it`s fur gray, it seems to have some blue crystal on it`s back like ice shards, the beast looked like a yeti but a few inchs smaller than the golem, along with jagged teeth. it seems to be laying on top of a pillow..... a large pillow. Cynder "let`s climb on top of it."she whispered Sprax "NO! if we do we`ll wake it up!." he hissed Spyro "Sparx it has fur, I pretty sure it won`t , besides we need cyrstals, just incase we run in to more trouble." Sparx "fine! but be quiet." they waited a few seconds to be still, then they moved on top of it`s shoulder and carefully crept on to it`s back, it took a few minutes to reach the crystals.... Cynder "how do we break it if we can`t break the crystals with out waking it up?"

Spyro "then we`ll just have to pick them, but only the small ones." Cynder "ok." after they easily picked up the small blue crystals the beast made a loud snort that caused the three to panick but stayed still then when they had enough crystals to carry they went back down.....then Cynder accidentally dropped one but didn`t make any loud nois Sparx "Whew! Cynder you idiot, don`t do that!" Cynder "Well sorry!" she said sarcastically." Spyro "Enough you two you don`t want to wake that thing up , we`ll be dead!" a few minutes later ..... they went in to another room back up stairs then smashed the crystals for energy.  Spyro "ah, I feel pumped." Cynder "yeah, me too."now let`s go find Lyra." Sparx "agreed."     (mean while in the picture room.) Lyra why couldn`t you just say no to her?" Vex "because she`ll start a war, but not like any war, I mean a war of tears and embarassment." Lyra "you know if I were you, Iwould`ve smacked her across the face and tell her to get the fnck out of my life, or nypnotized her and make her walk in to a cliff." Vex "not bad, but I did maker do a few things for me to feel satisfied." Lyra "you sick pervert." Vex "what.... it`s only one time." Lyra then rolled her eyes but then she saw another picture of a male dragon that looks like cynder but taller, has a total of six horns on both side of his face, pale brown eyes, and two dark brown stripes on his back, his wing membrane is all brown. Lyra "who is this?" Vex "that is Montesious, my best friend." Lyra "oh, I`m so sorry, you had to lose everything to that girl." Vex paused for a moment and said "yeah...everything." then he turned black..... his voice sounded demonic......his cape looked like smoke and his turned piercing red.....he bacame angry at the girl who ruined Vex`s life.....lyra backed awy slowly but he turned and looked at her...."you can`t leave." Lyra "I know but you need to snap out of it! please Vex don`t do this! you need to calm down." Vex "you can`t stop me!" he began to create a dark plasma ball with electricity and ....he shot it....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................but....................................................................................................................................................................he missed...he only shot at the picture. he closed his eyes........he breathed normaly....Vex "Lyra.....Please don`t be mad at me for doing this.......I just wanted a friend to understand me. but instead I just only kidnap you for my own greed.I`m sorry." Lyra "hey, don`t beat yourself up, you`ve been locked away for 1000 years I think you deserve a break." Vex "oh really, how can I when you already fear me." Lyra "eh, I`ve been through worse, so let`s go out for some fresh air." just as Lyra pull the curtains she saw lightning and rain , then she made this look that said "AW CRAP!" but turned it in to an emmbarassed look and said "you know what let`s go get something to eat I`m starved." Vex "I`ll take you there." as he said with a carasmatice smile , he put his paw around her waist , his cape turned into shadow again .... it started to cause the same wind tunnel that transports Vex in to any room where ever he wants to go.......Lyra closed her eyes, Vex "it`s alright , I`m here." then they vanished.

Spyro "this is taking forever." he moaned Cynder "we`re only on the third floor." Sparx "That`s what happens when you don`t eat a salad." Spyro "SHUT UP SPARX!!!" Cynder "wait do you hear that?" Spyro " Yeah what is that?" Spyro and Cynder started to hear small whispering voicees then what it seemed to be the same shadow cloud that took Lyra away then Spyro shouted "attack it!!! we need that cloud to find Lyra." Then Cynder used her fear ball (Fire ball) and shot the cloud and Landed at the bottom of the stairs then they hear two "UMPH!!"s the shadow dissappeared and it showed Vex holding Lyra like Spyro would hold Cynder during a romantic flight. Sparx " WHAT THE FFFF......." Vex inturrupted "YOU IDIOT! how dare you shoot at us!" 
(to be continued)

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