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on the day of a Sylvainia,
he wakes in the morning all happy,
in love.
Vex gets up out of his king sized bed, grabs his cape, and freshtions up
for his lovely dragoness Lyra.
he looks in the mirror and says "you handsome devil. Well, I`m off! Don`t be waiting for me, I`ll be back before you know it." he told his subjects.
just as he went in to the main room, he felt a tickle on his nose but nearly sneezed, he caught himself from making a scene. Just when he went out of the door, he made a huge wall of blue fire, right when he sneezed, it made him fly backwards and slammed in to the steps of his throne. Danea,Phil,and Gronk came to his aid. Phil "CALL HIS UNCLE!!"
Danea "are you all right my lord!? are you hurt!?" Vex "NO it`s just a..UHH.....AAHH...AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH......................" Gronk "TAKE COVER!!!!!!" Vex "CHEW!!!!!!!!!" , Vex let out a horrid sneeze creating large fire balls to blow up the room. Then a large dark shadow appeared above Vex and his servants, it began to drip and fall in front of the sick dark prince. the black goup shaped in to a large  


United States

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